Solar Photovoltaic


Payback periods vary depending on the installation and on the choice of system used. Our paybacks are based on an average 5kW system:

Grid Tied

4-6 years

Grid Interactive

7-9 years

Off Grid

12-15 years


Photovoltaics (PV) is a method of generating electrical power by converting solar radiation into direct current (DC) electricity using semiconductors that exhibit the photovoltaic effect. Photovoltaic power generation employs solar panels composed of a number of solar cells containing a photovoltaic material. This source of electricity is powered by the sun and creates no harmful emissions, or pollution.

There are no moving parts employed, therefore maintenance is very low, and they are relatively straightforward to install. Solar power systems can be used to power anything from as small as anĀ led light bulb, to as large as utility grade power production plants. The lifespan of a solar panel can be in excess of 30 years. The panels that we provide come with a 25 year power production warranty.

How it works

Solar systems are extremely flexible. There are a number of different configurations to consider when choosing your system:

Grid Tied

A grid-tied solar power system produces solar electricity that is fed directly into the utility grid, the system is tied, literally, to the grid. It's very often the case, e.g. during the day on weekdays when most families are away from their homes, that a grid -tied system is still producing electricity, even though very little, if any, is being used in the home. This excess energy is then fed into the grid, offsetting a residence's electrical usage, and causing the electricity meter to spin backwards, resulting in the account with the utility company being credited with that amount of energy (this is known as net metering or net billing), and is slowly becoming available in the region, Grand Cayman, Jamaica and Grenada have already adopted this strategy. In this case the utility grid is acting as a storage system and the electricity fed into the grid will be available for later use. In this way a family's electricity bill can be drastically reduced, or even eliminated in some cases.

Grid Interactive

Grid-Interactive solar power systems work as the main source of power for your electrical loads and use the grid power as a back-up power source. The grid power is used as a back-up charge for the batteries when there is insufficient solar power available.

Off Grid

Off Grid PV systems are sized to provide enough electricity to enable the owner to be completely independent from the utility power grid. The owner will never need to pay another power bill. The system is designed to cover the complete demand of a building, the solar panels produce electricity during the day and the batteries store this electricity for use during the night. The battery storage can be sized based on the number of backup days of power required, 2 to 3 days battery back up is most common.


Custom Residential and Commercial Solar Design

On site inspection, proposal and custom design for all sizes of commercial and residential systems available from our representatives.

Pre-designed and pre packaged solar systems

We have designed a number of prepackaged solar systems which can remove any number of circuits within your home or business from the grid, we offer a supply only or a supply and installation service for these systems:

Bare Essentials Package - basic lighting needs for a home.
Essentials Package - basic lighting and refrigeration.
Comfort Package - lighting, fans, refrigeration.
Externals Package - External and Landscape Lighting.
Hurricane package - Back up Solar Generators