Solar Integration Consulting

Since 2012 Green Revolution have been working with homeowners, contractors and consultants to improve the energy efficiency of their projects and ensure a seamless transition to renewable energy systems.

Transition to Renewable Energy

With our team of experts

  • Providing energy efficiency and renewable energy advice to homeowners, contractors, developers, architects and consultants across the TCI.
  • Assist in the process of incorporating solar systems into new and existing properties.
  • Architecturally sensitive approach to renewable energy systems, minimizes the architectural / aesthetic impacts of our systems on property design.
  • Early design involvement is key to avoid conflicts and unsightly visible elements of renewable energy systems.
  • This sensitive approach to solar integration within buildings is underscored by 18years of luxury home construction and development experience in the TCI.

Strategic Partners

We have the pleasure of working with the following Environmentally sensitive renewable energy partners in the TCI:

BE Beacn Enclave
TKCA Vacation Rentals
Norstar Group
Blee Halligan
Canadian Solar
Building Services Design