Energy Efficient Lighting


When replacing existing lighting with LED light bulbs, the payback can often happen within a year.

Replacing incandescent with LED light bulbs

1 year

Replacing compact fluorescent (CFL) with LED light bulbs

2-3 years

Why businesses should make the switch to LED lights

Commercial LED lighting can save your energy costs by up to 70%. Switching from traditional halogen or compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) to LED lighting solutions is a great way to start your company’s path towards energy efficiency and true lighting control. Since LED lights are so advanced compared to halogen and CFL bulbs, investing in LED can have an incredible impact on your business’s bottom line. LED lights will not only save you in lighting costs, they are also environmentally friendly.

Although the initial cost of LED light bulbs is higher, their lifespan is significantly longer than both regular incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent bulbs. The LED bulb comes in all shapes and sizes, and can match virtually any incandescent fitting, they can also be dimmed easily, unlike compact fluorescents.

Energy Efficiency and Return on Investment

On average, we have generally seen the ROI within less than two years after converting entire businesses to LED lighting. Since LED lights use only a third of the energy required by halogen and CFL bulbs and burn less of this energy off as heat, businesses have found they have a decrease in cooling expenses as well. Another advantage to using LED lights is you can also use fewer LED lights, as the light created is brighter and more consistent.


You can have great control over LED lighting fixtures, which isn’t the case for old-school fixtures. With LED you can control where your light does and does not go. Some businesses have strict regulations over where the exterior light can spill over to and with LED fixtures you can ensure your business is well lit without infringing on your neighbours.